New .london Domains Among Others

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London has recently received a new set of domains under .london. Until the end of this month they are designated for London based organisations and businesses only (.London, 2014) but will soon be opened up to others and can cost up to £50 a year or in the case of the most desired domains, will be put up for auction (BBC, 2014). This is following cities around the world such as .nyc for New York, .berlin in Germany and .wien in Austria (BBC, 2014). Other domains are following closely behind with .scot for Scotland ready for the Commonwealth Games next week and .wales/.cymru to be released for Wales in the near future.

Raspberry Pi

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The original Raspberry Pi was a new and innovative device with great potential. It was massively successful after its release and was used for a vastly greater number of projects than was predicted. Unfortunately the device had some minor drawbacks that other, competition devices, did not. The power management on board was not very efficient and could not provide much power to USB devices. It was limited to two USB ports and high powered devices required a dedicated power source or a powered USB hub. The bad power management also meant that hot swapping devices caused a system reboot to occur (biglesp, 2014). This has been fixed with a better power management system, allowing devices to be powered by the board fixing the hot swapping problems and the 2 USB ports have also been upgraded to four.

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