Web Server Control Panels

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The LAMP Stack The first thing you need to understand about any Linux based web server is that there are four fundamental services running. An operating system such as CentOS or Ubuntu Server. Software such as Apache or NGinx (LNMP) that will serve up the web pages. Software such as MySQL to manage the databases [...]

GENiE – GENerator of Inspirational Environments

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What is GENiE? GENiE, which stands for GENerator of Inspirational Environments is the latest of our projects to go live. The idea for the app along with its name was created by our client, Hardscape Products Ltd.  Hardscape works with landscape architects to find the perfect paving designs. They use computer aided design tools to be able [...]

Flash is Disappearing from the Web

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As November came to a close, Adobe made a major announcement regarding the future of flash. Adobe will now be encouraging developers to favor other web technologies like HTML 5 and will be renaming its animation software, Flash Professional CC, to Animate CC in early 2016.

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