Flash LogoAs November came to a close, Adobe made a major announcement regarding the future of flash. Adobe will now be encouraging developers to favor other web technologies like HTML 5 and will be renaming its animation software, Flash Professional CC, to Animate CC in early 2016.

Flash has been disappearing from the web for quite some time. Once very popular with advertisements, video streaming and games, due to its well known vulnerabilities and slow load times it is starting to take a back seat. Ads slowly moved to HTML 5 along with video streaming with organisations like YouTube now playing all of its videos using HTML 5. Apple doesn’t support Flash on the iPhone or iPad and Android has also removed all support in it’s latest releases. As of September 1st 2015, Google Chrome has also said goodbye by disabling flash ads.HTML 5 Logo

Flash is not dead yet though. Adobe has only renamed it. Adobe cannot deny that time have changed and HTML 5 is taking its place on the web so they must do something about it. Animate will still support flash and will be bringing new features to the table but it will also offer more support for HTML 5 with a HTML 5 video player for desktop browsers and increased HTML 5 mobile support. Adobe say they will be focusing more on security and will be working with Google, Microsoft and even Facebook to ensure flash apps remain secure. It doesn’t look like it will ever be as secure or trusted as HTML 5.

HTML 5 has proven its speed, low load times and security. It is now trusted and one of the major go to mark up languages. However Flash is still used and will probably still be favored for large animations and browser based games like those famous on Facebook.