Server Hosting

Network Wired World IconHere at Computer Care we have a variety of hosting solutions. Whether you need hosting for your website, emails or even cloud services we will do our best to accommodate you.

Website Hosting

We manage several externally hosted servers and have a variety of shared or dedicated solutions available. If its a website you would like to host that has low to moderate traffic we can add you to one of our shared solutions. If its something more complicated we will work with you to find the best dedicated solution that provides a balance between the cost and performance to best meet your needs. We can provide you with a completely tailored solution so you are only paying for what you need.

We have experience hosting a variety of platforms from Word Press sites to large, eCommerce sites using Magento. Our servers mainly use CentOS  6, Apache and MySQL but if its a dedicated solution you would like and need a different operating system or a different HTTP Server solution we can help. We manage all of the setup and configuration so you don’t have to. We can provide long term support for both the server and your websites.

All of our servers are well maintained and the software is kept up to date and secure. Each of our servers are regularly backed up with a high speed on site backup for quick disaster recovery and we have options for longer term offsite backups if required.

Email Hosting

If you don’t need a website but still require an email account we can help you. We have solutions ranging from cheap simple POP accounts or more expensive Microsoft Exchange mailboxes.  As with the website hosting, these solutions can be tailored exactly to your own requirements so you will only pay for what you require. All of our web hosting accounts come with a simple pop email set-up with your domain.

If you want Exchange mailboxes, but want to keep the costs down we have shared and secure Exchange mail boxes. If you require a dedicated Exchange server we have the expertise to set one up for you. We also include a PureMessage spam filter on our Exchange servers to help keep unwanted spam to a minimum which as an added benefit keeps the risk of viruses and attacks to your business low.

Cloud Hosting

Our cloud hosting is configured on an individual bases. We don’t currently have any specific cloud setups and so we provide completely tailored solutions. If you need a piece of software accessible anywhere or an entire set of terminal servers set up to accessed across multiple sites we can help. We can also help to build simpler solutions such as secure data storage over VPN and cloud backups.

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